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Contact Lenses

Quick. Easy. Convenient.

We've partnered with ABBY to make ordering contact lenses even easier. 

With 24/7 ordering, free delivery, and the ability to track your order status, it's the most convenient way to order (or re-order) your contacts online! 

If you would like us to register your contact lens prescription with ABBY, just let our office know that you'd like to have an account set up

Rather pick up your contacts or order over the phone? We can do that too! Click below to order via email or call our office 508-435-4711 to speak to a helpful staff member. 

Interested in wearing contact lenses but aren't sure if they're right for you, or where to start? 

Explore what we do:

Comprehensive Eye Exam

A thorough exam to determine the health of your eyes and screen for potential issues.  This annual exam tests your vision and includes an eyeglass prescription if necessary...

30 minutes; billed to health insurance when possible

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